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A counsel made up of (ass)clowns. Whenever a governing body that calls itself a "-counsel" makes a decision that's stupid as shit, it becomes a clownsel.

A good way to refer to a counsel that thinks it has authority to govern, but has proven otherwise through its ineptitude and/or corruption.
High school student1: The goddam student clownsel approved the school administration's idea of breath testing all students for alcohol when they enter dances.

Student 2: What the hell? I thought those ass clowns were supposed to represent our interests, not service the dicks of the admin on command.

Student1: Yeah, guess now we'll have to do drugs first instead of drinking. I was hoping to just get by with beer, but the clownsel forced my hand.


Homeowner: Three members of the city clownsel just got busted for embezzling our tax dollars, I always knew they were a bunch of no good weasels.

College student 1: Did you hear the student clownsel just voted to host a homeless tent city in our parking lot and quad?
student 2: WTF? I paid a shitload of money for my parking spot this quarter and now they get to shit there for free and my car's gonna get trashed.
Student 1: Well I guess the only people who would want to be members of the clownsel are pompous do-gooders with no concept of reality just trying to boost their resume, so it's not too surprising.
Student 3: The president will just veto it when all the parents complain, a clownsel vote doesn't mean shit, they have no real power anyway.
by SmellsLikeVictory September 05, 2011
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