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Clowie is sweet,kind,and pretty.She is super fun to be around.She may seem shy at first but once you get to know her she is amazing.If you ever like her as in a crush go for it .She will give you a honest reply and she won’t try to confuse you.She is super beautiful but denies it because she doesn’t feel beautiful.But Clowie is the best so if you meet one don’t ever miss out on a great friend.
Clowie is awesome
by yt567pr November 18, 2018
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Crazy ass muthafuka . Sweet caring and beautiful. She is very loyal and when she falls in love she is deeply in love with her partna and will never give up on anyone . She loves to sing and cares a lot about other people . When times get rough give her stance because she's can be one mad cookie . The sound of her name sounds like the sweet ocean breeze on a sunny day . If you ever meet a clowie you won't regret it .
Clowie looks like a fly muthafuka today
by clowbuggy August 12, 2015
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