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A name of a girl who is very forgetful, super sexy, and likes to dirty dance. Chances are, her head gets dry and itchy all the time and it disturbs her best friends. Clotildas can manipulate relationships from across the country, and always have the best snacks in there house. They are very athletic but at the same time HATE running. They are their worst critics when it comes to there looks, weight, and mostly, HEIGHT. Clotildas are beasts at basketball and beasts in creativity, which makes them beasts at life. If you know someone named Clotilda, well, chances are they are extreme drama queens with awesome moms. Oh, and they are very picky when it comes to which orange they like to pick.
Clotilda was the name of a queen in france
by canthisnamebeanycooler8910 September 01, 2011
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