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Forget your understanding of a Club Rat. Cloob Rat's are underage and in charge of nightlife in NYC. Owners, doormen, and dj's are on their BBM list, and champagne is in hand at the door. Cloob Rat's own promoters like the many fake ID's they have had over the years. Lines for entry are for Club Rats, Cloob Rats are taken in the side entrance to avoid a scene. They know the secret bathrooms, and know which tables are the best. Cloob rats know all other cloob rats and see them every night of the week at the Cloob. They never pay, and are paid in bottles and camera flashes. They thrive off of entrance to the hottest clubs, summer trips at owners yachts, and one night stands with nightlife hottest DJ's. They went to school in NY, and instead of house parties, their 16th birthday party was at LAVO.
Alexis is at the owners table 4 nights in a row, she must be a Cloob Rat

Lucy walked right past us to get into the cloob, I wonder if she knows someone inside? She might just be a Cloob Rat
by Cloob Royalty January 11, 2012
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