Youre photoshopping skills are clockable sis

If you see a trans person and you can tell they are not their birth sex that means they were clockable

You can tell something is not as it seems
by Jeremy smile April 25, 2019
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Checkable, like on RuPaul's Drag Race, Michelle's hairstyle was compared to that of a contestant and her response was to say that her hairline was not clockable.

Or, if you're in your car, speeding, and the radar gun clocks you going over the limit, you're apt to be ticketed.

In the first example, only something faked is clockable. In the second anyone on the road is clockable but only the violator is able to be ticketed for speeding.
The electric car doesn't go over 50 so it won't be clockable on the highway, but the drag queen is wearing lace front wigs, padded hips and bust and is clockable on the runway.
by Bicentennial baby March 13, 2016
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