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The clitorasaurus rex is a rare creature only found during a blood moon. This creature is the combination of 72 virgin women during their mental cycle with I quote "Explosivly large bleeding uteruses" that's come together to form a terrifying monster only rivaled by the Cuntasaures Rex. Originally discover during the rennesance this creature is know to consume genital warts and miscarriages.
"She's not a bitch, she's a Clitorasaurus Rex"

Feminists are often a Clitorasaurus Rex
by MCclainGKS March 10, 2019
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A giant disgusting clit. Normally found on fat girls.
I was bangin this fat chick last night then pulled off her panties, saw her clitorasaurus rex and threw up.
by sean333333333333333333333333 August 22, 2011
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