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A boyfriend who messages you 24/7 or whenever they can even if you can't. They give you weird nicknames to try and be attractive or cute but it is just so FUCKING ANNOYING. They constantly flirt because they want your affection. They will consistently ask you the same question such as are you okay or do you love me until you're pushed to the point where you feel suffocated and have no freedom. They get really angry when other guys talk to you even if it's your dad. They try to be with you at all times and if you aren't with them they will ask where you are/who you're with/what you're doing. They are possessive and they will try to be close to you for example hugging you or kissing you 24/7 they will try take you away from your friends, and they always say that they don't know what they'd do without you or something along those lines.
Clingy-Boyfriend : Hey my future wife <3 you ok?
Girlfriend: Heyy I'm ok are you?
Boyfriend: yh i just feel like you don't love me
Girlfriend: I do i just don't think i should have to say since you already know i do
Boyfriend: Ok What you up to?
Girlfriend: I'm talking to Zac what about you?
Boyfriend: What are you guys talking about, are you messaging or is he with you, are you cheating on me??????
Girlfriend: no we are just talking about stuff I have to go
Boyfriend: Ok bye cutie! xxxxxxxxxxx <3 <3 <3 <3
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by TheSaddos July 30, 2016
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