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Cliffs of Dover is a song by instrumental Rock artist Eric Johnson (Johnson does sing in some of his other songs but Cliffs of Dover is instrumental.

Cliffs of Dover was first released on Johnson's "Ah Via Musicom" in 1990 and won a Grammy for Johnson for Best Instrumental Rock Performance in 1991.

Several versions of the song exist however since Johnson almost never plays the song the same way twice, commonly the intro or outro will have distinct variations in it which distinguish the version from others.

The song is also noted as one of the last songs played on the Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock video game. The version on the game is a cover though and was not performed by Johnson himself. "Cliffs of Dover" has done for Eric Johnson what "Through the Fire and Flames" has done for DragonForce.
We went to the Steve Miller show and I didn't know the opening act but Dan went wild when this song he says is called Cliffs of Dover came on.
by Sid Barrett February 01, 2008
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