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A crazy condition in which animals grow much bigger than expected due to lots of love and a happy, healthy environment! This is what happened to Clifford the Big Red Dog! This is not the same situation where a regular pig is sold as a tea cup pig and ends up 4x the size that it was suppose to be. This is where a dog grows up to be much bigger than the rest of his litter or a dwarf rabbit isn't much of a dwarf but the rest of the litter is!
Alex: I thought you said your dog was a Mini - Schnauzer?

Michael: He is! Well, he's suppose to be.... I saw both his parents and he's about 8 inches taller than both of them. He's way bigger than his brothers and sisters too! Guess it was all the love and puppy treats.

Alex: Lol, sounds like clifford syndrome!
by fairybitz#1 May 15, 2018
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