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Articles on the web that are becoming more and more common that drone on and on about nothing so you will scroll down, loading more and more ads until you finally get the piece of information you were wanting.
*Searches* How do I find pokemon in pokemon go?

*Loads promising looking clickbait article from Google search*

Pokemon Go is becoming more and more common since it's initial release

<loads stupid ad for stock trading>

Several Ddos attacks have been made on the servers by hackers

<Visit> *Installs search engine hijacker*

With the hot summer weather, many people are out and about hunting for pokemon.

<Visit (insert online casino name here) for £20 free bet>

Me: Come on get to the f'king point already!

Some careless players have found themselves having nasty accidents

<click here to see some dumb photo gallery with even more ads>

Pokemon are usually found in parks and near landmarks.

Me: Thanks for getting to the point at last!
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by Goth Doll July 21, 2016
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