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White boy that lives in the outskirts of...the outskirts of all the other " normal" white trash people.
The Cleydus is essentially found in the heart of Alabama and the south of Georgia...And latelly have been spotted in El Cajon, California.
You can recognize them by those standard, holly, supertight, denim coveralls and white T-shirts Stained on the Under-pit area!
Also the Lack of teeth is a dead give away.
They usually live in group of at least 17-18 in a one bed room apartment and claim that they're all cousins.
Beware all Omarions, Ushers, Obama and other ashanti, the Cleydus doesn't like to be bothered by you colored people and WILL use his 2nd amendment !!
Maine, dat Boi at Thee Wallmart, he Be a DanGle Cleydus Ma!
Kinda Look like me and my paa..

by Frenchingo September 20, 2009
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