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A Cleveland Nostril Bomb is comprised of several alcoholic beverages, and may take up to 30 minutes to complete. The person attempting a Cleveland Nostril Bomb will often times become more intoxicated as the challenge goes on.
1. A person will drink a mason jar of moonshine
2. The same person will eat 3 slices of cheese pizza
3. Eat an entire lemon, and wash it down with either hard iced tea or hard lemonade.
4. (This is where it gets it's name.) Drink two shots of Jack Daniels through their nose, this may be with a straw.
5. Have an associate or friend slap them across the face to congratulate them for completing a Cleveland Nostril Bomb.

The Cleveland Nostril Bomb may inflict serious injury on a person who attempts it.
"Aw man, my nose burns like hell and I'm hungover as shit. What the fuck did I do last night?"

"You did a whole Cleveland Nostril Bomb in 13 minutes, dude!"

by Large Condiment July 09, 2017
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