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Generally Fuckboys. Disguised as men of all ages. Charming, manipulative, usually need some form of help getting on their feet, love having different women. But swear they are only working on getting their shit together. Meanwhile, this is only an excuse not to commit to one woman, but to have many. If you try to leave them alone they will up their game tactics to entangle you further or make you feel guilty for leaving. They are not focused on building anything other than their personal fuck numbers. Even worse women fall and love them hard all the time. They even want to help them, while simultaneously being used and destroyed. They swear they aren't using you. They are. They pillow talk with bitches and niggas. Yet claim they are loyal. Understand they are only loyal to themselves. They all have a hustle and sometimes the female is the hustle. Sometimes the female is the game.
Don't get caught up with the Cleveland Nigga Charm. It will scar you for life. #CNC
by Sevyn Blaque May 31, 2016
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