Newly found blood gang off the Trey 9 set. Consisting in Bronx, New York; Richmond, Viriginia; Cleveland, Ohio, And Deland, Florida. Normally found wearing black and red.
Crip 1: You heard of them Black Mafia niggas?
Crip 2: Yea dem bm niggas go hard
by Devon Simmons March 5, 2008
Black GayMafia is an all Gay African-American Criminal organization that spreads world wide including Brazil and Japan; Holding estimated Memebers of more than over 200 members. It is rumored Black GayMafia have ties with one of New York's 5Mob Families, Yakuza, The very first known Transsexual Mobster Ketty Gabriele of the Camorra Crime Family in Italy and others. This Black GayMafia is called/or call themselves The da Vinci Crime Family.
It's the 21st Century, Unusual and Real things starting to unviel esp. the Black Gay Mafia
by mobspeaker May 2, 2011
A group of men all wearing black North Face fleece jackets. They come to your beach house and snatch it all up. When they are finished taking everything the brick it up.
I went down to the beach to go fishing and the Black North Face Mafia had taken everything and bricked it up.
by brickitup November 16, 2011