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Parma skanks are broads that were usually born in Cleveland and their parents moved to Parma to give them a better life. Fast forward 3 years to them being a junior in high school, and now daddy's little princess has developed a huge Adderall addiction and is still getting dicked down by Cleveland niggas. A Parma skank is usually pregnant by senior year by a white kid named with a face tattoo that too commonly calls his other white friends his niggas and sells grams of loud for fifteen and steals his grandparents Percocets. I've literally argued with a 27 year old girl with two kids that swears to me that Parma is the capital of Cleveland smh..🤔🤔
Damn bruh where da hoes? I dunno my nigga( priveleged white kids talking ) let me try to hit up these Parma skanks
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