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Old name for old soul. Rare she has no need to fit anyones mold,one of a kind. Extreamly empathic and able to read just about anyone.When it comes to sex and lovers you need not express your desires,she allready knows.
Caring smart,sexy and helpfull.You wont have anyone else who quite compaires.

Betray her trust just once and you will never get it back,Don't look at her to be vengfull however.She is one that knows to step back wish you the best then let karma take the lead.Your life will never be the same,and you will never find another that can fullfill you like she does.

Fighter with choosen battles,and willing to heal the wounds afterwards.

Crazy,funny,sometimes cinical dry humor.Knows life needs laughs and has the perspective to provide them.

Moves with the tide,the bravest of sailers on this ocean are greatly rewarded both in life and in the bedroom.Anger the sea and she will take you and leave you at the bottom.

Loyal and trusted,truley a freind for life.
Everybody knows Cleola.
by damnIlosther. November 18, 2010
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