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A suburb of Houston right next to Galveston Bay. The name of this suburb is very misleading as the Clear Lake in question is neither clear, nor is it a lake. This reflects perfectly the pretension endemic to the area. Residents there would like to view themselves as wealthy and sophisticated, but know deep down that they are in reality provincial rubes with delusions of grandeur. It is for this reason that the people there are generally loathed and laughed at by everyone else in the city. Occaisionally, a younger resident will have an epiphany of self-awareness, which accounts for the high suicide rate at the local high school, Clear Lake High (once known as "Suicide High"). NASA's Johnson Space Center is in Clear Lake, which accounts for the area's utter lack of imagination and innate need to spend money for no good reason.
"As I see it, my options are to live in Clear Lake for another 3 years or kill myself. This is really a no brainer. Where's my shotgun?"
by ret0dd May 06, 2010
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Welcome to Clear Lake Iowa, the home of the plane crash site for Buddy Holly, The Big Bopper, and Richie Vallen. Also home to a beautiful lake that is only 12 feet deep, and home to some of the most rude people on the planet.
Welcome to Clear Lake it sucks here!
by jessjess0310 September 10, 2008
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Part of Houston. Located between Houston and Galveston. Home of some really good High Schools. Damaged by Hurricane Ike. Some real cool people live here. Right down the street from NASA. Mixture of races. Asians, Whites, Blacks, and a whole lotta Mexicans.
Person 1: Ay you from Clear Lake??
Person 2: Yeah.. u?
Person 1: No I wish!
by htownkid November 04, 2009
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