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A raver-like Mexican American or wetback usually drives candy painted Honda Accords but will upgrade to Mercedes Benz with tacky cheap chrome rims if givin' a chance to ruin their credit.Found In small towns in northern California And Central California like Watsonville, Salinas, King City etc...Will try to look rich with expensive cars they cant afford.Join car clubs with names like Ballers and Players you know that tacky shit.They drink coronas and speak spanglish like "Hey Bro did you go to Joser & Eders kickback last week A??" "No Fucker I was at la pulga with my wife and kids A"
Look at that Watsonville clean guy he bought an 85,000 dollar car before he bought a house what an idiot.There he gos parking it in his moms mobile home garage.He is always leaning to the side with his fist over his mouth he looks very unconfertable looking straight foward as he drives.Maybe we should rob his Watsonvillian ass.
by Santa Cruz June 05, 2006
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