And her pussy smells good, I said it
Cause she a clean version like a radio edit
by N.s.h. February 22, 2008
A version of a song where some of the soundtrack has been altered, usually by digital means, and still contains swearing. The only difference is that it is now in altered sound form. Its hidden nature can make it physically uncomfortable to listen to around other people. It makes an unwanted issue about its language, draws attention and points it out, to extreme discomfort and serious offence, to everyone around. It indicates the language is inappropriate but still conveys it and therefore is unacceptable. Very rarely will an actual clean version be produced, such as Radiohead's "Creep". Most clean versions will be inappropriate and extremely uncomfortable and offensive in public environments, failing to take the swearing away and instead containing it in signature form, reinforcing an offensive nature of the song. It is hardly "censored" since the original meaning of the song is still present and everyone knows what the song means. It does not prevent that communication, or information, from reaching the audience. If there is any minor "censorship", it merely censors part of the original sound of the song but fails to censor its meaning. It's like claiming that writing Scarborough as "Scarboro." amounts to "censorship". The "u", "g" and "h" are not written but anyone who knows about Scarborough will still know if you write to ask them to meet you in "Scarboro." and will still end up at the correct place, as will a letter posted to and addressed the same.
Name of song Clean Version

In other words, it almost certainly is not and is an offensive version of a song, as rarely will it be an acceptable version such as the Radiohead situation.
by grainger467 July 8, 2016
This phrase is used to describe songs that have been edited to play for the radio, but still have words they bleep out. Dumb ploy by the music industry, but American parents are so crazy over "suggestive" things even when we are easily the most suggestive country on Earth.
Did you hear David Banner's song play? It's still a dirty clean version though. Even though everyone knows the dirty version is the better one.
by jkbena612 August 16, 2009