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A man who likes to lick another man's cum out of his wife or girlfriend's well fucked pussy. He likes it even better if he can lick the cum off her asshole.
Billy was the "clean up man." He liked to watch other men fuck his wife and then he would lick their cum from her well fucked pussy.
by RobbieJor December 21, 2004
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this is a guy who observes how bad another guy treats his wife/girlfriend, and then later starts being nice to the mentioned female, then eventually starts tagging that ass. He is usually the recipient of gifts given to him by the female, at the expense of the befor mentioned guy.
B. Coop saw how bad J.R. would treat his ol' lady. He then started being nice to her, next thing I know B. Coop was hitting that ass. She started bringing him food and stuff. B. Coop is one hell of a clean up man.
by Cheif December 02, 2004
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Man who takes care of another man's woman sexually when said man can't
Willie D is the clean up, he'll take your girlfriend off ya hands
by Ptess April 01, 2003
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The last man to have sex with a woman after a gang-bang / orgy.

Someone who eats out a woman right after someone else has fucked her.
After we were finished with her, G went in as the clean up man!
by Tizzy October 25, 2005
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