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Clayton High School is the only high school in the small town of Clayton, NC. The administration is full of incompetant losers and every now and then you may find a pedafile teacher who fornicates with students on the regular. Weekends consist of only: smoking weed, drinking, and doing exctacy.

Everybody who attends this school thinks they are either a rapper or in a gang. Sluts and whores are commonly seen wandering the halls, ecspecially in the FRESHMAN building. STDs infect the MAJORITY of students at Clayton High, therefore over 75% of blood from the blood drives is thrown away.
Amber: Hey sexy, What high school did you go to?
James: Clayton High School
James: (thinks to self) I should have never bent over them freshmen sluts at Clayton High....
by GEO1432 April 16, 2010
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Clayton High School in the desolate town of Clayton NC is the dwelling to several species of hooligans, some of which include; Jocks with gay tendencies, Bitches who are so religious that they would give their kidneys to children in Africa, teachers who have openly dated students and still works here, too many sluts & child molesters to count, And staff that is compiled of old women with mullet perms, Middle aged men in mid-life crises and several phantom custodial staff that only appear on empty halls. All in all the dilapidated campus welcomes mold variants, crusty juveniles and skanky-hoes alike. Its a cumets life for me.
Teacher: "Hey Addison"
Addison: 'Hey Teacher"
Teacher: "Where should we fuck?"
Addison: "The Clayton High School bathroom, it smells like weed."
by Mamasaymamasawmamacacakoosaw December 06, 2014
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