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An uncontrollable obsession with enclosed spaces. Those who experience Claustromania tend to seek out small spaces, like corners.

These individuals tend to prefer facing the "open space" so that their backs are "safe" against the wall.

Usually with Claustromania the person tends to enjoy activities such as cuddling (with as little physical space as possible), love being wrapped in blankets, and prefer to sleep with their back against something solid.

They enjoy wearing reasonably tight clothing, because it'll feel like their entire body is being hugged.

Usually it is incredibly hard for them to fall asleep unless they are cuddling with a pillow, stuffed animal, or sometimes even laying against the wall.

They also like sitting at the edge of classrooms so they can lean their back against something solid, and if standing they will place their side against some sort of edge (be it a table or counter top).

With Claustromania something about being in these enclosed spaces provides a sense of safety and security within the individual.
My claustromania makes cuddling with you so comforting!
by KaWaii.KoRoSu June 06, 2016
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Claustromania would have to be a liking for small spaces excessively , while agoraphobia is the fear of open spaces so preference is for an enclosed space, though not necessarily small.

-phobia (fear of ) ; -philia ( fondness of ) ; -mania ( excessive desire of ).
I have Claustromania as opposed to Claustrophobia, I LOVE small spaces!
by TheGimmick December 30, 2015
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