1. Skank ass whore.
2. Code word if said lady is within vicinity of conversation and is a whore.
3. Girls of promiscucity, who often engage in sexual intercourse with mulitiple partners, but holds out for higher standard guys.
(While playing kings) "Fours! Classy ladies!!!"
by Porter and Tyler April 26, 2007
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A sexual position involving the act of Heterosexual intercourse when the female lies on her back and with the man standing on the side of the bed crosses her legs and puts them to either side of his shoulder as in the act of if she would sit in a chair with her legs crossed.
in a P.O.V. position "The Classy Lady" she would have her bum off the side of the bed while you have her legs crossed and on your right shoulder while standing on the side of the bed.
by keepin classy November 08, 2011
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A girl who does stupid shit to other chicks because she's so insecure.
Oh em geee! Did you see what that bitch wrote on fb? She's such a non classy lady
by Werddd123 May 24, 2011
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