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A hybridised form of dance music and classical music that will become popular in the early 2020s when dance music remixes classical music as a mainstream activity. Has its roots in the Adagio for Strings remix in 1999. To be truly described as 'classiclock' (more strictly Classical Two Level Beat) the music is set ot a clock in the background, with the 4 beats corresponding to one rotation of the large hand, with the small hand crossing over at intervals, creating an emphasised beat.

Will also itself hybridise with 'ectopic house' which consists of delayed beats at random emulating ectopic heartbeats. The result will be clubbers giving a thumb to the left, second finger to the right signal in clubs to denote 10:10, ie. a stopped clock, to signify when ectopica infiltrates classiclock.
'I remember the days when it was simple dubstep and four-to-the-floor house. What would Tchaikovsky think about these youngsters 10:10ing his 1812? Classiclock my cock!'
by mids99 April 04, 2010
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