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Classic Trance is the name given to Trance tracks that were made during 1990–1995. The reason why it's called 'Classic' is because these songs are what truly describe what Trance was supposed to be as a genre. Trance arose out of Techno, House and Ambient leading to a very spacey kind of music, which was sequential and hypnotic (d'oh!).

After 1995, Trance took influences from Epic, Progressive and Anthem House and became an entirely different genre.

The classic tracks were tied together by a few elements: 4x4 bass-drum, an atmospheric feel, length (upto 20 minutes) and acid basslines.
Examples of Classic Trance are:

Age Of Love – Age Of Love (Jam & Spoon Watch Out For Stella Remix)
Dance 2 Trance – We Came In Peace (91 Mix)
Spicelab – Amorph (Original Mix)
Resistance D – Cosmic Love
Art Of Trance – Octopus
The Visions Of Shiva – Perfect Day
Zyon – No Fate (No Fate Mix)
Vernon – Vernon's Wonderland
by usernamegoeshere March 31, 2013
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