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The Clark Advanced Learning Center (otherwise known as "Clark") is a small charter school-- that hardly anyone has ever heard about-- in the Martin County School District. The school only enrolls up to 250 students at a time, ranging from 10th grade to 12th. At Clark, students have access to free laptops and a free college tuition at the neighboring IRSC Chastain campus, where students are able to dual-enroll and graduate with their AA.
The student body is mainly comprised of kids who either hated public high school, dropped out of IB/AP and decided to dual-enroll, or wanted a free laptop.
Clark is a school where secrets are non-existent because they spread like wildfire, the yearbook staff is terrifying, and break-ups cause civil war. If one can get past all of this, he or she will find that Clark is a fascinating small-town-like culture of its own, where students of all backgrounds, personalities, and future goals can (for the most part) get along and enjoy each others' presence as a cohesive unit.
Example 1
Person 1: "I'm enrolling at the Clark next year! Did you hear you get a free laptop?!?"
Person 2: "There's a school called Clark?"

Example 2
Student 1: "Some of the students and teachers at Clark Advanced Learning Center are extremely weird, but I wouldn't change it for anything."
by AnonyMiss December 06, 2012
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