Well what else can be said,it's a shit hole breeding epi-centre of tasmania(see rokeby)inbreeding,incest,under-age sex,kids on drugs,inhalents(lpg gas,petrol,glue)rape,murder,muggings,car theft,armed rob,undoubtably the biggest shit-hole in the whole state of tasmania.apart from kingston,blackmans bay,hounville,cygnet,campania,lutana,risdonvale,moonah,howrah,warrane,mornington,newtown,goodwood,glenorchy,chigwell,claremont,bridgewater,gagebrook,brighton,midway point,sorell,triabuna and not forgetting the big shit dump of all time hobart.
you fucking low life scum get back to your own shite hole housing dept suburb ours is full,fuck off from northgate go to the mall or eastlands you dole bludging welfare recipiant you call your self an abbo but you got blonde hair and blue eyes .or may be go hug a tree you smelly greenie and have a shower you smell you dirty cunt oris that your mums micky juice on your breath.may be its where you sucked your uncle off after he rooted his daughter your cousin in the ass then dumped a load of cum in her cunt,that is why your breath stinks.
Get back to clarendonvale where you belong ,need a dolla to catch the metro bus.
by alan dawson74 December 17, 2010
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