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GIANT SPIDER WITH SCORPION LIKE PINCHERS. VERY DANGEROUS. it has 8 hairy legs, 8 eyes and 2 very large very poisonous scorpion like pinchers. About the size of a king crab but larger. The hair on this beast is skin peircing and is also poisonous. it is poisonous to all senses. EXCEPT TASTE it is a known FACT that if you are lucky or CRAZY enough to get your tounge close enough to the body of this beast it is rumord to be the best drug known to man kind. Cousin to the tranchula and nephew of the scorpion. Known and bread to protect cows from milk stealers and hoarders. Living conditions consists of basements, barns, bushes, tall grass and the amazon. they usually travel alone but they are known to travel in gigantic clusters wich are almost impossible to fight off.
I was going to get milk form the cow but the clampions ran up on me and I had to run away
by mikkz December 15, 2010
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