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To open up and wipe your bum by finger power at a sink. Helpful half an hour after a shit when the brownies have crusted. Water is often involved to do-do away the smell and finger-tan. It's also possible to do without a sink and advisable in the absence of toilet paper.
1) Sam wiped his crusting ass for half a roll, but he decided he'd go Clam Poaching afterwards.

2) Jennifer was still saving for a Bidet so after some fierce Clam Poaching she rewarded herself with some snowy Talcum Powder.

3) Inexperienced Clam Poachers upon sitting down often uncover an undiscovered rock-pool. The worst even suffer assisted Mudslide. Correct Swamp Draining technique is actively encouraged to solve this dilemma.

4) What you're going to do after you Rollo and discover Roll-No?
by Okahoa June 02, 2011
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