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Someone who thinks they can see the future, but cannot, or attempts to deceive you into believing they can. (Similar to a clairvoyant, but incompetent or dishonest)

Additionally, a friend who attempts to finish your sentences, getting it wrong every time.
Clairvoycant: "I predict you will marry someone tall, dark and handsome within the next 6 months"
Woman: "That can't be, I just got married a month ago, and my husband's a blonde..."
Clairvoycant: "You MUST be mistaken, dear... After all, I have the gift, you know"


Girl: "You'll never guess! My parents say I can go to..."
Clairvoycant: "Canada, right?!"
Girl: "Er, no.. London! And you know what else? I get..
Clairvoycant: "To take a friend along?"
Girl: "NO! a whole new wardrobe AND it's all expenses paid!"
by sarahh(= March 07, 2008
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