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A ''right good'' northern lass. Also known as Clairebear, Clefairy, The Bear and variations thereof. When you first encounter the Claireapillar you'll think she's so sweet that butter wouldn't melt- As you get to know her however, you'll get a spicey aftertaste to compliment her honeyed personality. Because the Claireapilllar is such a kind hearted soul, when she turns the spice on you it's very unexpected and can have devastating effects. In fact, her wit and scathing insults have, on several occasions, left her opposers begging for a second chance. She associates herself with only the best people such as Lovebullets, Jinxieminx, Phlyarologist, Cherrybobbins and Ccosmonaut. The Claireapillar is also found playing many an online game should her connection allow it, and spends majority of her spare time with Tunderchiken- the Robin to her Batman.
Lovebullets; Man, what happened there?

Jinxieminx; Claireapillar just flipped and tore up that whores argument...

Lovebullets; Didn't expect that at all... .-.
by Jinxieminx November 27, 2011
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