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A rare disease caused by being in the same cabin with an eagle, some tall kid, a curly haired manly man, and a chemistry teacher in Blairestown for one night or more. Symptoms include depression, odd sense of humor, talking in your sleep, growing a bear-like beard, being awesome, waking up in the middle of the night freezing your ass off and of course, explosive diarrhea.
Guy 1: "Hey you don't look so good, dawg."

Guy 2: "Yeah, dude, i just got back from Blairestown, i think i might have claflestevelzki."

Guy 1: "Oh shiznit didley do! That is some serious stuff."

Guy 2: "I know, breh, but it's all good, im awesome."

by NOTnick;) November 22, 2010
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