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n. An individual who would normally be classified as a hick or redneck, but lives in a large city and may even have a job.

Cityhicks can often be found at home drinking alone and listening to George Thorogood. Typically opening the front door of a cityhick's apartment will slide one or more empty bottles of beer across the floor.
What is that cityhick listening to?

They guy above me gets drunk and blasts country music - he's a cityhick.
by Sledge2k April 01, 2006
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rednecks living an urban area bringing their hick like ways to that environment. racist, homophibic, white/black/pink/green trash tendancies.
near west side of chicago, instead of sitting on the steps of a double wide in the sticks, they sit on the front porch of their brownstone slum and comment on passers by: "hey, look at that faggit leroy..."
by tRoPpMaNn July 03, 2005
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