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The Villainous compliment to City of Heroes, also a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG), where players create villainous characters and spread crime as they see fit. Characters are divided by origin and archetype.

Origins: Magic, Mutant, Natural, Science, Technology

Archetypes: Corruptor, Dominator, Brute, Stalker, Mastermind

Corruptor: Primarily ranged offense with secondary defense, buff and/or healing

Dominator: Primarily control powers with secondary offensive powers

Mastermind: Primarily summons henchmen, secondary defense, buff and/or healing

Stalker: Primarily melee combat with secondary personal defensive powers, has stealth ability

Brute: Primarily melee combat with secondary personal defensive powers, more hitpoints than a stalker but cannot stealth

City of Villains also expanded the PvP (Player vs Player) aspect of City of Heroes, which started with no PvP. "The Arenas" were introduced to test PvP, and City of Villains was the actual implication of PvP. PvP is not required, however, and in either game one can stay in their own "hero" or "villain" zones and not encounter other fightable players.

Abbreviated CoV.
"I play a Mastermind in City of Villains."
by Kelly L Creighton February 02, 2006
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by jake_crosley May 03, 2007
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