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by Michael Baier February 5, 2010
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Verb: A term used to describe the act of stealthily leaving a party or social gathering that has a high number of males, compared to females (ie; Sausagefest). This is done without saying goodbye or informing anyone in attendance that you are leaving. Thus, nobody knowing what happened to you or where you went.

Noun: This word can also be used to describe the person who partakes in the above behavior.

You can be a "Dick City Ninja" or you can engage in "Dick City Ninja-ing".

Note: Part of the skill, in this fine art is that your friends must be unaware of your exit, as well as the random people at the gathering. This tactic is mainly done by seasoned party veterans that understand that they are most likely NOT going to be getting any action because the ratio of females-to-males is at an unsatisfactory level. And, a Dick City Ninja also understands that hanging around begging for scraps is sad and pathetic. Dick City Ninjas are men of standards and honor. And it is very satisfying to chuckle and think about all the pathetic losers (Your friends probably) that are putting on there best show to impress the few "most-likely" mediocre women/barflies. It is a great laugh when the following day your friends call/text, to see if you are still alive.
Verb Example:

Guy #1: "Hey, what happened to you last night when we got to the After-Bar Party? You disappeared. There were so many people there, it was a blast!"

Dick City Ninja: "Really!? Thats funny, because when I walked in I saw 2 girls and about 20 guys. So, I Dick City Ninjaed out of there, and went home to drink beer, and do something that wasn't a complete waste of time!"

Guy #1: "What do you mean!? There were at least 5 girls there!"

Dick City Ninja: "Did you get any action?"

Guy #1: "Uhhh...well not really. All the other guys were all over them and I didn't get a chance to make a move, and by that point in the night, the girls were all a sloppy mess anyway."

Dick City Ninja: "Oh Boy! I really regret my decision then. Sounds like it really WAS a blast!"

Guy #1: "You are a dick."

Dick City Ninja: "Haha."

Noun Example:

Guy #1: "Man, I don't like going to parties with John anymore!

Guy #2: "Really? Why not?"

Guy #1: "Because, he is a Dick City Ninja."

Guy #2: "Sounds like you go to some really lame parties then!"

John: "He does! They are complete sausagefests!"

Guy #1: "I hate you."
by The Threat Is Real July 26, 2012
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A hidden city on an island where only ninjas live. The city is massive. It holds 900,000 ninjas preparing for ninjapocalypse. The city is so stealth that it can't be seen even by sattelites.
Ninja city is the largest hidden city.
by beattie April 11, 2005
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