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When you put citric acids on the sensitive foreskin of your dick, your body goes into shock for the predicted pain in such a way it's like your high. It's a high that can be compared to the high you get from ecstasy, speed or coke, it only lasts shorter. You feel like you can do anything and will probably try to. It kicks in as soon as you do it, and wears of after a couple of minutes. There are no known side effects.
Example 1:

Last night I went citrus dicking, and got high as a kite.

Example 2:

Person 1: Hey man, I citrus dicked so hard last night, I almost punched trough a wall!

Person 2: Really?! Did you do lemons or oranges?

Person 1: Oranges are the way to go man.
by Mary Ann Evans June 25, 2013
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