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Groups of young men ranging in numbers from 8-20. A modern form of harassment dating back to the year 2004. They refer to themselves as the brotherhood. The main purpose of cish is to harass the friends or acquaintances of any female they deem to be "hot". These forms of harassment include late night or excessive phone calling, Harassment by way of email or instant message and finally public rendezvous. If you are in fact on the cish target list there is no way to have your name taken off unless you can state to the president of cish what "kitsi" means.
Example one:
JP: "Cish keeps instant messaging me its really annoying. And they think I'm gay because of the things I say"
David: "Dam dude! That sucks they don't really mess with me anymore after Christie told them I have no legs."

Example two:
Ryan: "I'm so emo right now I'm going to write a song and put it on my away message because Christie broke up with me, she said something about not being able to handle a serious relationship with cish getting in the way."
Marc: "Bro I heard she's going out with a rich-skinning kid named turner. Poor Christie Cish has left her torn. She doesn't blaze with me anymore. We don't even discuss the communist manifesto together anymore!! This blows."

Brittany: "I'm having all the sex now thanks to cish"
by fast travis July 08, 2006
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