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The tail formed when a man with facial hair forces a male goat to approach a pail of his partner's milk and put his horn in a banananana peel, while using his horn too move the banananana around in the milk then feed the bananana to the new born son and then use his new born son's umbilical cord to tie the male goat's testicles together and feed him rat tails to distract from the pain as he uses his redneck chainsaw to saw off the goats hooves, melt them into glue, and use the glue to permanently glue the bananana peel to his new born son's head so that the baby can grow a leopard skin monkey tail.
Getting a cirtual is a tradition in our family.

My wife didn't approve of us using the farm animals for my son's cirtual.

Your cirtual is still growing, but his is full grown.
by ActuallyVirtualTypo June 21, 2010
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