It is the popular spot to call people out to fight in order to resolve difference. The kicker in the situation is that there is not going to be an actual fight. While the "called out (callee)" party shows up expecting a fight, the "call out (caller)" party hops in the car and begins a jousting competition. There is a chase, followed up by some jousting. It's a hoot.
What did you say about my body fat percentage bitch? Bitch, Circuit City 2AM... BITCH.
by M K February 14, 2005
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Brought to you by the crew of this term has come to mean any bullshit meeting to come about after a countless amount of shit talking, where, when the meet actually happens, no fighting will be done, and at worst, the two involved parties will attempt to mate by driving around in circles until one of them runs low on gas. At which point, they will call a truce, and fill the respective cars, only to continue the "carnage" on the public streets.
by OneBadWagon February 18, 2005
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The instigator and the antagonized victim often show up at different times and never get out of their vehicle. It they do cross path they do figure eights in the parking lot missing each others car or truck by 100’s of feet.
This phrase is in the lexicon of all ethugs. It clearly conveys both a location, time and the event is assumed to be a display of muscle and skill. While as a spectator you hope to see an old-fashioned fist fight sans weapons, in its place you are the recipient of a battle much less exhilarating than a showcase showdown.
"circuit city 2am, biotch!"
by Steve Nicks February 21, 2005
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