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Terms used by Jack Harlow referring to the act of ejaculating into a female’s asshole during anal sex resulting in a mixture of brown and white fluids.
“Took her home gave her a cinnamon swirl” — Jack Harlow 2020
by whizlaqueefa August 06, 2020
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you’re coming from sapnap’s stream
sylvee: a cinnamon swirl is, well just think about brown and white
sapnap and chat: NOO WHY
by mmmmegusta February 02, 2021
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It's when a man shits on a girl's face in a circular motion, and then you antique her with cinnamon
Oh my god, Kean just gave Sally a cinnamon swirl, and boy did she like it.
by Kyle Stevens October 04, 2007
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When you cum on someone’s face and you take your penis and swirl it all around their face so it looks like a cinnamon swirl
Alex: Sorry I got your eyeliner all over your face. Had to give you a cinnamon swirl
by Meme videos xxx October 03, 2020
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When two lesbians are FUCKING and one suggests a threeeay with a black or brown person
by What are those334 December 20, 2016
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Another name for a Cinnamon roll hug, in which a group of friends holds hands in a line and then the line wraps in a spiral around the person on one end.
At camp, we got 20 people to do a cinnamon swirl hug!
by zestyping April 09, 2019
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