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1. The amorphous putty-like shit that sometimes accompanies Natty Splatties.

2. a. The activity of choice in White Trash scat porn. b. The White Trash analog to a Cleveland Steamer.
1. Johnson felt like splurging this weekend. He passed up his usual PBR and Beast Ice and indulged in some high quality Natural Light. After drinking about 30 he passed out next to Tami-Lynn. Upon waking the next morning he felt a rampage in his bowels. Instead of running to the toilet (it was too far) he proceed to turn on his windows 98 & webcam and leave a fresh Cincinnati beef patty on Tami-Lynn's chest. She was pleased. They then sold the cinematic masterpiece to RedTube for about $30, where the video still remains to this day under the "Wild and Crazy" section.

2. Darryl consumed too much natty light last night. Not surprisingly he awoke the next day with the natty splatties. After discharging most of the liquid, he decided to be productive with the rest of the contents of his bowels and leave a nice Cincinnati beef patty on Brandy.
by monstertruckdriver February 13, 2014
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