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1.)Commonly known as "The Great One". When referring to "Cigal" also known as "The Great One" use in context; of ability, quality, and eminence awesomeness of above normal or the average person(s)

2.) "Cigal" does not fall for the trickery of these hoes! When using "The Great One" in a sentence "one" has to be strictly about his currency. $€£¥

Definition of the anointed one/great one is that he does not care about these niggas and bitches the only thing he has to worry about is keep stacking his currency so high he cannot see them while laughing at his haters through his rear view, kicking up hella dust. Ya feel me.

CigalThe Great One could be used in a sentence such as;

A currency chaser, hoe pimp slapper, dressing veryy dapper on these haters and foes. Come FWM

Shoot for the moon, if you miss, you still amongst those stars -

Beanie Sigel

Young Rick Flair Boyy
The awesomeness of Cigal really inspires me
by The Great One Himself April 16, 2017
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