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Is another word of a crazy creature. its wild but people dont really know what it is. Some came be nice some can be dangerous. it is best to stay clear from them.

they are different from other humans they are unique. comes from wealthy background and family is likely to be haunted.

Once a month these creatures need a big sleep this helps their diet. if they dont get at least a most of a full day of sleep they get sick of their normal diet and wants to try something different e.g. mortals. Their families have to move every once in a while so it isnt obvious that cialli does not age or looks older it can only look up to a certain age. These creatures are good at running and they can jump high they are not interested in education. Theres only less then 7 clans in each country.
Rob"look at that creature those are called cialli's"
Matt"that sounds dangerous stay away from it could get hurt"
by wizardsarereal. November 30, 2012
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