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A churrita is a loving nickname for that one girl that's special, but is so nice it hurts you. She happens to be very cute and is obviously a latina of some sort. She will always be there for you and even sacrifice personal needs for others. Inside a churrita exists a strong sassiness that only comes out when you invoke it, usually it happens to be towards other people, but not you for you are that one person that knows exactly how and where to push her buttons. Overall a churrita is a wonderful person to be around, but can be frustratingly annoying when she refuses to think of herself at all just to please you!
Jane: "I have to drive my friends a mile down the road in heavy traffic just because I don't want them to get lost, even though they probably could walk there faster than us driving."

Muhammed: "Jane... It makes no sense to drive them and I know you were supposed to study for your test tommorrow... quit being such a churrita and just let them walk."
by El Churro November 02, 2011
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