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Noun: (pronounced like "turbulence") :

1. Severe unrest in the bowels, consequently leading to a terrible and massive diarrheal episode. Causes include spicy foods, alcohol, stress, and water from Mexico.
Dane: Dude! That burrito Nick ate last night took us ALL out!
Molly: No way.. What happened?
Dane: You remember that dangerous-looking hot sauce, right? Well, he DRENCHED his burrito in that stuff.... Next thing you know he was yelling, "Ladies and Gentleman, I am experiencing some strange and violent churbulence! Please open all windows and pass the wet-wipes, 'cause this is going to be epic!"
Molly: Ewwww gross hahahah
Dane: Affirmative. The Churb can be quite terrifying.
by ultrasomnia May 26, 2009
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