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Similar to the Chupacabra of Mexico, the Chupacabraaa can be seen in many North American ski towns. The Chupacabraaa lives on a steady diet of spliffs, PBR's and breakfast burritos. Chupacabraaa's are easy to identify through their characteristic mating call of "BRAAAA", which is used to attract other Chupacabraas to fresh powder. They can also be found in areas of frequent stoke output i.e; top of terrain park, under chair lift and resort sun decks. While their exact origins are unknown it is suspected that the Chupacabraa was first sighted in Squaw Valley, California. The spread of Chupacabraa has been rampant and sightings have been recorded across the United States and Canada. Common breeding grounds are Jackson, Wyoming Salt Lake City, Utah Whistler B.C. and any other areas with access to an aerial tram.
I would try to get on the early tram but the line will be packed with Chupacabraaa and I dont want my new gear to smell like spliff and PBR.
by 4dskier October 29, 2009
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