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A girl who is overweight to obese, and likes to go on nights out. The victim of a chunkmistress usually has to be incredibly trashed unless they have a preference for larger girls. Pulling a chunkmistress is for most men a very humiliating experience and one which may cause nightmares and result in prolonged pisstakes.
A chunkmistress can be found at most if not all clubs throughout the world, they rarely cause problems outside the drinking arena. They are identifiable principally by their weight which renders them unpullable by sober standards. they are more often than not ugly and with domineering personalities.
Fucking hell I had some dancefloor action with a chunkmistress but didn't go all the way, thank fuck.
What the fuck were you doing with that bloated chunkmistress last night? hahahahaha
Man1: Hey remember that night you fucked that chunkmistress? she was fucking hanging
Man2: Oh shut the fuck up, I don't wanna talk about it alright?
by beastos January 15, 2010
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