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A Chump Trap is when someone plays the chump to let someone else take advantage of them for what they get in return.

1. A man or woman who uses another person to make their significant other jealous.

2. Some one who plays dumb and lets someone else take advantage of them because being taken advantage of suits that persons alternative motives.

3. The advanced chump trapper can build a chump trap post event into a chump trap, by taking advantage of a seemingly bad situation.

4. Someone who feeds out coercive or false information to manipulate those chumps who buy into it is a chump trapper setting a chump trap.

5. Anyone who plays gullible or dumb, or turns a situation around to get what they want is setting a chump trap.
This is some advanced drama chess playing here folks. You know those people who are manipulative. Well these people are down right sociopaths.

"That girl thinks she burned him by telling his girlfriend what he did, but he just used her as a chump trap to make is girlfriend mad to manipulate her.'

"Michelle is in such a chump trap, she acts like she likes that guy just because he is rich, and he knows it so he takes advantage of her."

"He told her he needed help with his math homework so he could spend time with her, but he is actually really good a math."

"Politicians and the media often uses manipulative language and imagery to guide people into behaving and thinking a certain way."
by InfiniD July 01, 2013
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