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A sexy brown skinned big dicked dude that can take ankles and route you up on that football field
Her: gurllll have you seen chukwuma

Other gurl: hell ueah he sexy asf
by Big Chu (the african) February 05, 2018
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a loyal friend who never turns his back on you, he is beautiful and sexy, he gets all of the girls but yet he is still humble. he is an exceptional footballer who has extrodinary technique. he Is a loyal boyfriend and will love you as long as you are going out, he will treat you for a cheeky nandos and cinema and is the pengest of the bunch. he likes to listen do music and make others laugh although when you get on the wrong side of him he can be one of the worst people you meet but he is easily forgiving
james: yo chukwuma your girl is peng
chukwuma: yh g I know I took her for a cheeky nandos on Saturday
james: you treat her well bro
chukwuma: I know bro
by shellz2bunny November 14, 2017
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