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The act of karate chopping a female's genitalia.

Only to be used in very familiar situations, usually between people in a relationship. Occurs most commonly in a lesbian relationship or a fight between girls, a cat fight.

It is not a welcomed move in a fight as it invades personal space, however it is the ultimate winning move.

Created in Barnsley, South Yorkshire.

See also: chuff
In a petty fight:

*Girl smacks girlfriend around the head*
Girlfriend: OW! Chuff chop!
*Girlfriend chuff chops girl*


Girl 1: "Did you see what happened in the fight between Kimberley and Stacey?"
Girl 2: "Yeah! Kimberley chuff chopped her!"
Girl 3: "Ouch!"
by GingerJangles June 15, 2009
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